Microsoft Excel Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Page 3

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Microsoft Excel Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Page 3


Got any Excel/VBA Questions? Excel Help

This list of Excel frequently asked questions and answers is ever growing.

1 Excel VBA - Excel Macros
2 Delete Module After Running VBA Code
3 Deleting Excel Named Ranges
4 Delete Excel Sheet Event Code Macro
5 Delete Excel Workbook Event Code
6 Matching ComboBox Controls
7 Adding a Description and Category to your User Defined Functions in Excel
8 Excel VBA: Disable Cut/Copy in Excel Workbooks
9 Excel VBA: Does Workbook Exist
10 Do While Loop, Repeat a Block of VBA Macro Code
11 Microsoft Excel VBA Macros. How to Create an Excel Add-in For Them
12 Excel Calendar
13 Tick Cell Upon Selection
14 Excel VBA: Number of Specified Days in a Specified Month
15 Excel VBA: Code to Locate Two Matches in 2 Separate Columns
16 Excel VBA: Does Cell Have Formula
17 Excel VBA Macro: Determine Which Button, Control or Command Button Was Clicked
18 Excel VBA: Macro Code To Run Macros On Protected Worksheets & Sheets
19 Excel VBA: Stop Screen Flickering in Recorded Macros and Speed up Your Code
20 Excel Ranges: Finding the Last Cell in a Range
21 Excel: Get File Name From User to Open Workbook Or Save Workbook
22 Excel VBA Runtime Errors & Preventing Them
23 Sheet/Worksheet CodeNames
24 Automatically Run Excel Macros via Workbook & Worksheet Events
25 Excel: Password Protect/Unprotect All Excel Worksheets in One Go
26 Excluding Headings/Headers From the Current Region/Table
27 Excel: Get Text From Excel Cell Comments
28 Excel: Get Data From Closed Excel Workbooks
29 Excel: Get Last Word From Text String
30 Extract Number From Text String
31 Excel VBA: Extract Word From a Text String
32 Excel VBA: Find Number Between 2 Numbers
33 Find Method to Find Dates
34 Excel VBA Find Method
35 Force Text to Upper Case/Proper Case
36 Used to Loop Through a Collection or Array
37 For Loop
38 For Loop Step
39 Convert Excel Formulas from Relative to Absolute
40 Custom Excel Formulas - User Defined Functions/Formulas
41 Parse/Extract File Name from Full File Name and Path
42 Excel: Get Maximum Number Between 2 Numbers
43 Group Excel Worksheets/Sheets by Color
44 Hide Pivot Table Fields Pivot Items by Criteria
45 Excel: Get Underlying Hyperlink Address
46 Excel VBA: Create a List of Hyperlinks
47 Excel VBA: Gather User Data/Input via an InputBox
48 Inputbox in Excel VBA
49 Is Workbook Open/Workbook Exists/Worksheet Exists/Auto Filter/How Many Pages Printed
50 Excel VBA: Create Worksheets for Each Item in an Excel Table of Data
51 Return Last Chosen Day of Given Month
52 Find & Return The Last Used Cell On An Excel Worksheet Or Column
53 Limit Scroll Area on an Excel Worksheet
54 Filter ListBox Data to Meet a Specified Criteria
55 Move ListBox Items Up & Down
56 FREE Excel Add-in: Excel List to Table Creator
57 Loop All Worksheets/Sheets in Workbook & Apply Code
58 Excel VBA Loops Explained
59 Loop Through a Folder of Excel Workbooks
60 Mask Date Entry in Excel
61 Mask Time Entry in Excel
62 Minimize/Maximize Button to a UserForm
63 Excel VBA Macro Codes Tips & Tricks
64 Excel Message Box (MsgBox) Function
65 Multi Select ListBox
66 Return Date of the First, or nth Day of Month
67 Excel VBA: Hide/Show Pivot Table Field Items
68 Printing PivotTables & PivotCharts
69 Refresh Pivot Table via VBA
70 Prevent Save As in Excel
71 Prevent Excel Being Saved With Another Name
72 Prevent Save Prompts in Excel
73 Excel VBA: Determine Number of Pages to be Printed
74 Protect/Lock Excel VBA Code
75 Excel: Generate Unique Random Numbers
76 Get Range Address of a Excel Named Range
77 Excel: Remove Duplicates in Excel
78 Restricting Excel VBA Loops
79 Return Excel Color Index Number or Color as Text
80 Return an Excel Worksheet/Sheet Name to a Cell
81 Excel: Reverse Cell Text/Content
82 Add Excel Right Click Menu
83 Delete Rows Meeting Condition/Criteria
84 Worksheet Change Event: Automatically Run Excel Macros When a Cell Changes
85 Saving an Excel Workbook/File as a Cell Text
86 Select Case Statement in Excel VBA
87 Send Emails From Excel
88 Working With Shapes In Excel VBA
89 Create a Sheet Index of Excel Worksheets
90 Custom Function to Calculate Sliding Scale Tax
91 Excel: Please Wait Message for Slow or Long Running Excel Macros
92 Sort by Color In Excel
93 Sort Alphanumeric Text
94 Sort an Array
95 Sort Excel Worksheets/Sheets in Excel
96 SpecialCells Method
97 Optimize Slow VBA Code. Speeding Up Slow Excel VBA Code
98 Hide Excel Formulas
99 Stop Screen Flicker in Excel
100 Password Protect Worksheet From Viewing


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