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  • nmutimer
    Including New Controls within an Excel file
    by nmutimer
    I recently installed the Date and time picker control from Microsoft for Excel, i am using Excel 2016.

    This works fine with no issue, and the usage is also not a problem, but when i email the file to colleagues they are getting an error message about a missing control which could be resolved by installing the date and time picker on the other PC, but as the file will end up going to many colleagues i am looking for an alternative solution. The DTP is used within a userform should this make any difference.

    Is there a way of including the Date and time picker control within the file being distributed.

    Thanks in advance to anyone trying to assist....
    12 hours ago
  • bugs63
    Date & Time Confined to a merged cell
    by bugs63


    Private Sub Worksheet _Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Dim I As Integer
    for i = 2 ' The row were the merged cells will be starting in column R to Column X
    if Cells(I,"R").Value <> "" Then
    Celles(I,"R").Value = Date -1 & " " & Time
    Cells(I,"R").NumberFormat = "dddd/mmmm/yyyy h: mm AM/PM"
    End If

    For what ever reason it takes up the entire column, and I would like to confine it to a Row starting in R2 Merged all the way to X2.
    Thank You
    1 day ago
  • montecarlo2012
    [VBA] Control the loop from the spreadsheet
    by montecarlo2012
    The code I am loading now is working good, BUT I would like to control the ranges from the spreadsheet.

    Dim rng As Range, fnd As Range
        For Each rng In Range("B3:g3")
            Set fnd = Range("J5:Q10").Find(rng, LookIn:=xlValues, lookat:=xlWhole)
            If Not fnd Is Nothing Then
                fnd.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
            End If
        Next rng
    the Range ("B3:G3") I would like to be able to change from K1 or L1, I really don't know how to do it as well the other range here ("J5:Q10")
    I want to be able to make changes from the sheet.
    Thank you for reading this guys.
    1 day ago

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  • postman2000
    Find Page Breaks Faster
    by postman2000
    I need to find row numbers of the horizontal page breaks on a sheet quickly. The only method I have found to do this is by using the HPageBreaks property, which is painfully slow.

    Is there another way of doing this that's faster? Or some other manner of using HPageBreaks that improves its speed?

    The scenario is that I have a macro which generates a list of items where each item is two rows long. If an item intersects a page break--one row is on one page and the 2nd row is on the next page--I want to insert a row so that the entire item is on the next page.

    I've been searching everywhere and can't find any other way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    July 21st, 2007, 00:03
  • rickjhorne
    Macro to detect if computer is locked
    by rickjhorne
    can I use a macro to detect if my computer is locked?

    I have a very complex document that is shared across several computers, I need to detect if one of the computers is locked...

    December 23rd, 2011, 07:39
  • anilhn
    Data cleaning with conditions - VBA
    by anilhn
    Hi I am new to VBA and learning things:I have data in column A:A1 - it is Heading say NameA2 - MOL:22 Need to buy (2345 h,35 m) single rowA3,A4,A5 - MOL:21 need to Sell (853 h,8 m) (these are merged cells)A6, A7 - Need to rent (300 m) (these are merged cells). It goes on...Coulmn BB1, C1 and D1 are merged so it is like ABC/XYZ/PDFB2 - New (2345 h,35 m)B3 - New (483 h, 11 m)B4 - old (369 h, 56 m)B5 - Recent (2 s)B6 - New (150 h , 30 m)B7 - Old (149 h, 30 m) SO it goes on..Column C:C1 - it is already merged.C2 - XC3 - yC4 - yC5 - yC6 - ZC7 - ZSO it goes on..Coulmn D:D1 - it is already merged.D2 - 2345 h,35 mD3 - 483 h, 11 mD4 - 369 h, 56 mD5 - 2 sD6 - 150 h , 30 mD7 - 149 h, 30 mSO it goes on..Here I need to remove data within the parentheses in column A and retain only the text. Column B1,C1...
    June 7th, 2017, 21:29
  • deric
    Placeholder text that disappears only upon typing, not when entering textbox
    by deric
    I'm looking to create placeholder text (ghosting text) to help users know what to type in the field, but I want it to act very similar to on-line forms where the placeholder text does not disappear upon entering a textbox, but only disappears if you type new text into it.
    ' enterfieldbehavior is set to 1 - fmEnterFieldBehaviorRecallSelection in properties to avoid selecting placeholder text
    Private Sub userform_initialize()
    TextBox2.Value = "Name" 'upon starting UserForm, the placeholder text is launched in the textbox
    TextBox2.ForeColor = &H8000000C 'grey
    End Sub
    Private Sub TextBox2_Enter()
    If TextBox2.Text <> "Name" Then
    TextBox2.SelStart = TextBox2.SelLength 'Upon entering the textbox,
    1 week ago
  • trying_still
    Mail to two or more recipients based on the autofilter of 1st and 2nd column
    by trying_still
    Hi ,please help in developing a code to send Mail to two or more recipients(mailing list) based on the autofilter of first and second column after copying range to mail .
    My data looks like this .
    Filter1 Filter2 Project DM Date Currency Field 1 Field2 Field3 Costing Margin% mailinglist
    6 days ago