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  • ragustin07
    $30 for a email userform
    I'm running out of time, I need a userform to send a e-mail to three people with varying e-mail addresses, because of rotating door of jobs in my environment. And possible a printable document for reference, using a command button. Thank you.
    a. A1:G77 will be sent to my boss
    b. K1:G30 will be sent Cathlab
    c. J33:N48 will be sent to Ped manager
    Transaction ID 615743014M568643S
    16 minutes ago
  • ermi
    Automated email based on date (nobody couldn't solve this for years :(
    Hello Everyone,

    Attached is a file that contains a number of checks with names of the issuer and the issued date. The requirement is, based on the issued date, i would like excel to remind me that the check will be expired within two months. For example if the check is issued on January 1, 2018, then the check will be expired after six month which is July 1, 2018. BUT, i would like to get an outlook email 2 months before the expiry date which is on May 1, 2018. I want this because i don't open this excel too often so i forget if checks are expired or not so it would be great if i get a reminder without opening the excel file but just when i start the PC and also if possible i would like to have the soon to be expired checks marked on yellow.

    Kind reminder: The key...
    1 hour ago
  • raghuprabhu
    Copy data from columns from Columns G to M from unique files with conditions..
    Hi there,

    My problem is to that I'm trying to gather data from multiple workbooks (I have 16) and get it into one master worksheet.

    All the file names are unique and are in one folder. There is a Masterfile named zMaster.xlsm also in the same folder.

    The rows of data I want to copy from each workbook is located in the same area on a similarly named sheet (i.e Sheet1), and I was hoping if there was a macro that I could run to copy the row from each workbook and paste it into the master workbook in the next blank row.

    I want to copy columns G to M from each of the files into the Masterfile.

    Conditions are Columns K have a date and column L is blank. They have to match with the serial number in column A

    After copying...
    2 hours ago

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  • mmmr
    Sort a range by multiple columns
    Hi. I've got a spread sheet where I need to sort by 2 different columns within a range. So far I've got the code to select the range. The range changes everytime a new row is added. The code I have so far is
    Sub GS_Sort()
    ' GS_Sort Macro
          Range("a2", Range("s65536").End(xlUp)).Select
    End Sub
    After this though I recorded a macro by going to the ribbon under sort and filter. This macro looks like this
    Sub SSSsort()
    ' SSSsort Macro
        ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Game Summary").Sort.SortFields.Clear
        ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Game Summary").Sort.SortFields.Add Key:=Range( _
    December 28th, 2014, 01:31
  • james40
    Hello all ! First post help with COUNTIF formula please ??
    Hi and thanks for any help it is truly appreciated !

    Ok so I am currently using a formula to count the number of cells in a range as below:

    Now my issue if that some cells with WOW as the value have an adjacent cell to the immediate left which is where the finish time would normally go and I would like to exclude these from the count, as they are counted in a different way.

    I've searched around and found some SUMIF examples but I'm struggling to get this to work !

    I know the over all count is ok as there is a discrepancy of 21 in 2 separate parts of the table which means 21 night shifts have been counted twice !
    2 weeks ago
  • NBVC
    Running Query refresh in VBA works in Excel 2013 but giving error in Excel 2010
    Hey guys,
    I am running an Excel query to my Sql Server database use vba to create the Select statement and refresh the query.
    I designed the workbook in Excel 2013 and it works well for anyone with Excel 2013 or later... but for some reason it is not running with Excel 2010.
    I am getting error: Automation Error -2147417848 The object invoked has disconnected from its clients

    when I click Debug it shows error at the .Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False statement

    This is the part of my code where I create and refresh the query....

    sConn = "ODBC;DRIVER=SQL Server;SERVER=Serv-M1;UID=MyLogin;pwd=MyPwd;Trusted_Connection=No;"
    sSql = " SELECT distinct Jobs.jmpPartID as 'Job Part ID',  Organizations.cmoOrganizationID as 'Customer ID', Organizations.cmoName
    2 weeks ago
  • marcovan
    Highlight and Fill in Specific Cell based on status, entered time and time exceeded
    Hello, I've done some searching and couldn't quite find what I am looking for. In column A, there will be a ticket status of either "open or closed". In column B, there will be a ticket time entered, example, 10:32am. So this is where i get stuck. Column C needs to say, "overdue" and highlighted in red if ticket status is still open if it's 30 minutes > than column B time. Column D needs to say "overdue" if ticket status is still open and if it's 60 minutes > than column B time. Same conditions for Column D and E except respective times is 90 minuts gt than B time and 120 minutes gt than B time. If status changes to CLOSED than all calculations stop....
    1 week ago
  • ragustin07
    $50 for a complete project. date-year sort for inventory
    I research the internet and always fell short. I need a userform that has a list box to sort for individual row and columns for expiration dates. My boss wants all dates to be uniformed so all employees are accounted for their own carts. Thank you.
    Transaction ID:
    1 week ago