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Latest Topics


  • Billyrj
    VBA strikethrough of cells
    by Billyrj
    I have been researching VBA to strike through text in cells when criteria is met.
    I was trying to use a ref cell that is a REF number and Strikethrough text in Cells 1-8 if the ref number is below the ref # and Greater than a specific date.

    The Ref # determines where you start and everything greater than DATE wise thats also provided on sheet1 My desire is to strikethrough text in cells A:M (1-13)
    I've researched and am unable to ID strike through....
    5 hours ago
  • Sajoca
    VBA to copy and paste
    by Sajoca
    I have a table as given in the sheet "06sheet".

    I have the code
    Sub sixsheet()
    Dim rng, r  As Range
    Dim lastRow As Long
    With Worksheets("06sheet")
        Const n As Long = 5 ' Last number to be changed if nuber of top records to be changed
        Set r = .Cells.Find("*", .Cells(Rows.Count, Columns.Count))
        If r Is Nothing Then MsgBox "No data": Exit Sub
        Set rng = .Range(r, .Cells(Rows.Count, r.Column).End(xlUp))
        lastRow = rng.Cells(rng.Cells.Count).Row
        With rng.Resize(n + 1)
          'Union(.Columns(1), .Columns(3)).Copy r.End(xlToRight)(, 2)
        Union(.Columns(1), .Columns(3)).Copy r.End(xlToRight)(, 2)
        End With
    12 hours ago
  • coloroom
    by coloroom
    The "IF" formula result reflect correctly on sheet called "Input", when use vba script to copy it to another, the value is different, need helppppp, thanks, i don't know to do programming, i copy the vba from internet and modify here and there..

    to simulate,
    if enter "1" on cell M6 and enter "1" on cell N10, then press CLICK button, the cell C4,D4,E4,F4,G4, H4 will not reflect the correct value on the SHEET "trasanction" row "U" till "Z", can some one help, thanks, i am newbie on excel formula...
    22 hours ago

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  • Desauv
    SUMPRODUCT Partial Match - #N/A
    by Desauv
    Hi All

    I have below formulas, and both return #N/A



    Example of Data
    B417 = A68247

    e.g $B$2:$B$4000 = 68247-01

    e.g skema!$T2:$T4000 = $500,21

    Hope someone can help

    1 week ago
  • FrankM
    adding a second condition to conditional formatting, both have to be true.
    by FrankM
    This formula works =AND(NOT(ISBLANK($K4)), ISBLANK($L4)), but I am not able to figure out where to put <> "TBD". I want L4 to fill with color if K4 is NOT blank & the entry in K4 <> TBD. I have searched & found dates, times, < & >. but nothing like what I am trying to accomplish. Is it possible. Thanks in advance.
    4 days ago
  • timrfitz
    Determine if shared workbook is opened on my machine
    by timrfitz
    I receive an error when I use Workbooks.Open on a shared workbook that is already open on my machine. I've tried examples of code posted on this forum to determine if the file is already opened, including:

     Function IsWorkbookOpen(stName As String) As Boolean       'Boolean Function assumed To be False unless Set To True            On Error Resume Next ' In Case it isn't Open     IsWorkbookOpen = Not (Workbooks(stName) Is Nothing)     On Error Goto 0 End Function 
    but it always returns False. I think it isn't working because the file is a shared workbook. I tried the Microsoft supplied macro:
     Function IsFileOpen(ByVal filename As String) As Boolean      Dim filenum As Integer, errnum As Integer      On Error Resume Next     filenum = FreeFile()     Open filename For
    2 days ago
  • harky
    Moving Sent Items To Another ARCHIVE Sent Folder.
    by harky
    Base on current (below) code.
    Possible to add on more function?

    Possible to move send email to ARCHIVE Folder once email sent on outlook?

    From Inbox 'sent folder' to ARCHIVE

    Subfolder: SendFolder

    Or nt, is there a code where i can put in outlook

    Sub SendEmail()
        Dim i As Integer, Mail_Object, Email_Subject, o As Variant, lr As Long, d As Long
        Dim wks As Worksheet, pf As String, wPath As String, wFile As Variant, wPattern As String
        Dim num_err As Variant, sErr As Boolean
        'START of confirmation message box'
        response = MsgBox("Start sending email?", vbYesNo)
        If response = vbNo Then
    2 days ago
  • desktopace
    Read only open
    by desktopace
    I would like to know if you can open an excel workbook in read only if the computer user and computer name doesn’t match existing criteria. Example: if the main person to open the wb is computer name is WS2019, and the logon name is wsmith, but the computer name opening the wb is RS2019 and the login name is rgraves, then I need the excel wb to open up in “read only” so the the excel wb cannot be saved and if changes need to be made, only wsmith can open it and make the changes. I have multi-users that use this excel workbook everyday and if changes need made, only I know how to make them. I am not always the first to open it up and so if changes needs made, I have to get everyone to close the wb so I can open it and make the changes. I also don’t want the possibility that the wb can be...
    5 days ago