Hire Help

The Hire Help forum is a cost effective way to get 100s of developers to provide a solution to your problem

How does it work?

Pay to post

Pay 10% of the cost via Paypal to OzGrid before you post

Ensure payment is made to [email protected] before you post on the forum.

Find an expert

Post your project and put a price on how much you are willing to pay for a solution!

The Hire Help forum is not for homework questions! If you need help with your homework please post in the Excel help forum and clearly define your question as homework.

Agree a Solution

The first DEVELOPER to respond with an estimated time frame has priority over the project

If the quoted time-frame exceeds your requirements, you may ask other DEVELOPERS to provide a solution.

Simple Payment

Pay the remaining 90% to the developer on completion

Payments are between the person who accepts the cost, posts the answer and the payee.
OzGrid takes absolutely no responsibility for payments of any kind.

Consultancy / Development

If the Hire Help is not for you and you need a consultant, we can provide this

If you need development, our talented and professional team of innovative Excel spreadsheet application developers can provide customized, cost-effective business solutions for our clients that are user-friendly and will save you both time and money.
We can integrate your project with other systems if required (Access, Word, Web etc) and are able to assist with the planning of your project by providing comments and suggestions that can enhance the final product.

Ready to post your project?

  • Don't forget to pay 10% of your cost via PayPal BEFORE you post.
  • Ensure your post title includes the price e.g.USD $0.00 or GBP £0.00 etc.
  • Ensure you have read the full terms & conditions for using Hire Help.

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