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Index to 'how to'… providing a range of Excel and excel vba code solutions

1 How to copy cell data to another sheet and save it automatically
2 How to Lookup between a starting word and a finishing word
3 How to extract text from a string before a last specified character
4 How to calculate overtime on Timesheet after 10 hours per day AND/OR 44 hours per week
5 How to use cell content as input to a structured reference as part of a lookup function
6 How to add a second condition to conditional formatting
7 How to count blanks if 1 of 2 conditions are met
8 How to use bottom up lookup
9 How to use Formula: =IF ERROR
10 How to extract text string
11 How to count weekdays in a month excluding holidays
12 How to use Excel MID() but counting from Right
13 How to use Standard Deviation Formula in Excel
14 How to use a Macro to copy rows from multiple worksheets based on a cell value greater than zero
15 How to use VBAs Find Function
16 How to get a specific date when you enter any other dates for the week
17 How to read only open an excel workbook (multiple users simultaneously)
18 How to use SUMIFS and include 'All' to Drop-down IndexMatch
19 How to use IndexMatch formula that ignores duplicates
20 How to Compute a Date Difference in an IF statement
21 How to convert time from xx minutes to xx seconds into HH:MM:SS
22 How do I hide data in column until data is entered in columns to the left
23 How to use the DATEDIFF Function (VBA)
24 How to COUNTIF using input cell as range depth
25 How to use COUNT
26 How to use VLOOKUP (example)
27 How to drag a formula to the right and skip x columns
28 How to create an Excel Pivot Table calculated field
29 How to combine more that one IF AND formula
30 How to alternate row colours based on text name
31 How to create a formula for multi criteria lookup with dates
32 How to calculate remaining time to a deadline
33 Insert time/date with click on cell but never update
34 How to calculate amount by looking up matching currency and rate of exchange
35 How to extract characters
36 How to do conditional formatting based on another cell having data
37 How to use conditional format to highlight the blank cells
38 How to remove the last X number of characters depending on the ending of the value
39 How to sum cell numerical values based on text suffix
40 How to create a time series frequency conversion
41 How to sort values in positive and negative numbers with formula
42 How to extract multiple emails separated with semicolon and brackets
43 How to check if two columns match or not
44 How to do a formula to compute IF A1 (number) is <1000 B1 = Bad
45 How to use SUMPRODUCT and COUNT question for unique associations


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