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Excel VBA - Excel Macros


 Excel VBA & Macro Code Tips, Tricks

Excel AutoFilters in VBA using Dates
Criteria for VBA filters
Excel VBA AutoFilters
2 Criteria VLookup for Excel
3 Criteria VLookup for Excel
4 Criteria VLookup for Excel
5 Criteria Vlookup for Excel
Excel 2007 Alternative To File Search
Add Excel Worksheets in Month/Monthly Order
Add Excel Worksheets in Numeric Sequence
Add Worksheets to Excel via VBA
Find Feature to Find 3 Matching Criteria in 3 Columns in Excel
List/Return Difference Between 2 Cells Containing Comma Separated Strings
Use Array Elements To Fill a Range With Headings
Automatically Add Date, Time or Date & Time
Display Excel AutoFilter Criteria
Use AutoFilter in Excel VBA to Filter by Date & Time
Formatting Cells Shortcut keys
Speed up Excel VBA Macro Code
Functions To Determine Excel Calculation Status & Mode
Change Text to Upper Case or Proper Case
Color or Format a Formula Referenced Cells - Precedents
Copy Multiple Column & Row Records Into Single Row Records
Examples & Usage Of Excel Conditional Formatting In VBA
Loop Through Controls on a UserForm
General Shortcut Keys
Convert a String or Number to Boolean
Convert a String to a Byte Data Type
Convert to a Currency Data Type
Convert to a Date Data Type
Convert to a Decimal Data Type
Convert to a Double Data Type
Convert to a Integer Data Type
Excel VBA: Convert to a Long Data Type
Convert to a Single Data Type
Convert to a String Data Type
Convert Excel Text To Upper Case
Convert Numbers to Words/Text
Excel VBA: Convert to a Variant Data Type
Count Or Sum Specified Number In a Single Cell
VBA Count of Each Item in a List
Count Distinct Values Once/Count Repeated Entries Only One Time
Custom Excel Function (UDF) that will Count Words in Excel
Create a Worksheet Calendar
Excel: Convert Currency Number to Words/Text
Examples & Usage Of Excel VBA Custom Functions
Add Quick Access to Excel Custom Lists
Create Custom Menu Items in Excel VBA


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