Saving an Excel Workbook/File as a Cell Text

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Saving an Excel Workbook/File as a Cell Text


Excel VBA How to: Saving a Workbook as a Name in a Cell


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Saving an Excel Workbook/File as a Cell Text

It's quite common for Excel users to want to save their Excel file as a name that resides in Worksheet cell. The code below here shows you how this can be done. Where A1 is on a Worksheet with a Code Name of Sheet 1 and it houses the name to use.

Sub SaveAsCell()

Dim strName As String

On Error GoTo InvalidName

    strName = Sheet1.Range("A1")

    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs strName


Exit Sub

InvalidName: MsgBox "The text: " & strName & _

        " is not a valid file name.", vbCritical, "Ozgrid.com"

End Sub

To add the code, open the Visual Basic Editor via Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) then go to Insert>Module and paste in the code above. To run the macro, go to Tools>Macro>Macros (Alt+F8) select the macro name and click "Run".


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