Used to Loop Through a Collection or Array

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For Each Loop


Used to Loop Through a Collection or Array

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For Each Loop Step

A For Each Loop is used to loop through each element is a Collection, or an Array. A Collection is an object that contains a set of related objects. An Array is a set of sequentially indexed elements having the same intrinsic data type. To stop an endless loop, press ESC or CTRL+BREAK

To get the gist of what the example below is doing fill a few rows in Column "A" of the active sheet with some values. We could force an Exit from the For Each...Loop via the Exit For Statement. E.g. If rCell=10 Then Exit For

Sub For_Each_Collection()

Dim rRange As Range

Dim rCell As Range

    Set rRange = Range("A1", Range("A65536").End(xlUp))


    For Each rCell In rRange

        MsgBox rCell.Value

    Next rCell

End Sub

Sub For_Each_Array()

Dim lArray(10) As Long

Dim lArr

Dim lCount As Long

    'Fill Array

    For lCount = 0 To 10

        lArray(lCount) = lCount

    Next lCount


    lCount = 0

    'Show each value in Array

    For Each lArr In lArray

        MsgBox "The number " & lCount & " element in lArray is " & lArr

        lCount = lCount + 1

    Next lArr

End Sub

For...Next Loop

For counter = Start To end [Step step]
[Exit For]
Next [counter]

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