Filter ListBox Data to Meet a Specified Criteria

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Filter ListBox Data to Meet a Specified Criteria


Excel VBA: Filter Down ListBox Data to Meet a Specified Criteria


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Filter ListBox Data

If you have used Excel UserForms before you may have also used the ListBox Control to return a table of data to the user. Sometimes this data is too much information for the user and it needs to be filtered down to meet a specified criteria. With the aid of Excel VBA macro code, Excel's Advanced Filter and a hidden Worksheet we can do this. The Excel Macro code in the attached Workbook consist of one UserForm, some OptionButtons (for and/or type criteria), 2 ListBox controls (1 to show all data, the other to show the resulting filtered data) and some ComboBox controls so we can allow to the user to set multi-layered (compounded) criteria.

Download the Workbook Example


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