Return Last Chosen Day of Given Month

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Return Last Chosen Day of Given Month


Excel VBA: Return Last Chosen Day of Given Month. Display Last Specified Day of Given Month

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Return Last Chosen Day of Given Month.

The Custom Function below can be used to return the last specified day of any given month.

It can be used in any cell like;


Where "Mon" is the day we need to return the date of the last Monday in the Month October.



Which_Day is a text abbreviation on any day, e.g. "Sat"

Which_Date is a text representation of any valid date, e.g. "10-Oct-2005", "10-10-2005" etc

To be able to use this custom function in a Workbook, you must first place the code below into a standard module.

  1. Open The Workbook.
  2. Go To Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11).
  3. Then To Insert>Module.
  4. Paste In The Code.
  5. Click The Top Right X To Return To Excel.

'The Code

Function LastDayOfMonth(Which_Day As String, Which_Date As String) As Date

Dim i As Integer

Dim iDay As Integer

Dim iDaysInMonth As Integer

Dim FullDateNew As Date

Which_Date = CDate(Which_Date)


        Select Case UCase(Which_Day)

            Case "SUN"

                iDay = 1

            Case "MON"

                iDay = 2

            Case "TUE"

                iDay = 3

            Case "WED"

                iDay = 4

            Case "THU"

                iDay = 5

            Case "FRI"

                iDay = 6

            Case "SAT"

                iDay = 7

            End Select


    iDaysInMonth = Day(DateAdd("d", -1, DateSerial _

        (Year(Which_Date), Month(Which_Date) + 1, 1)))


    FullDateNew = DateSerial(Year(Which_Date), Month(Which_Date), iDaysInMonth)


    For i = 0 To iDaysInMonth

        If Weekday(FullDateNew - i) = iDay Then

            LastDayOfMonth = FullDateNew - i

            Exit For

        End If

    Next i

End Function

Now simply enter the function into any cell as shown above.


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