Group Excel Worksheets/Sheets by Color

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Group Excel Worksheets/Sheets by Color


Group Excel Sheets/Worksheets by Color. Grouping Excel Worksheets by Color

In Excel 2000, Microsoft introduced the ability to color the Sheet name tabs. The Excel VBA macro code below can be used in any Excel Workbook that is at least Excel 2000, or higher. When run it will group all Sheets in the active Workbook by their tab color. To use the code, go to Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) and then to Insert>Module and paste in the code below.

Sub GroupSheetsByColor()

Dim lCount As Long, lCounted As Long

Dim lShtLast As Long

lShtLast = Sheets.Count

        For lCount = 1 To lShtLast

            For lCounted = lCount To lShtLast

                If Sheets(lCounted).Tab.ColorIndex = Sheets(lCount).Tab.ColorIndex Then

                    Sheets(lCounted).Move Before:=Sheets(lCount)

                End If

            Next lCounted

        Next lCount


End Sub


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