Multi Select ListBox

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Multi Select ListBox


Excel VBA: MutliSelect Property is -1 fmMultiSelectMulti

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When using a ListBox we can do so in a way that can allow users to make multiple selections from the ListBox. After they have made their selection(s) normally a CommandButton would be used to take those selections and place them onto a Worksheet or another UserForm Control.

Single Selection ListBox

As mentioned above, we can have our user select one, or more items in a ListBox. The procedure below take a single selected ListBox item and places it into a range at the bottom of a list.

Sheet2.Range("A65536").End(xlUp)(2, 1) = ListBox1.Value

For such code to work the ListBox must have its MultiSelect Property set to 1 fmMultiSelectSingle

MutliSelect Property is -1 fmMultiSelectMulti

When have set the MultiSelect Property set to -1 fmMultiSelectMulti we can allow users to make multiple selections. However, due to MultiSelect Property set to -1 fmMultiSelectMulti we can no longer use simple code like above to return the selected items to our cells. To do this with multiple selections we can use code like shown below;

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()

Dim lItem As Long

    For lItem = 0 To ListBox1.ListCount - 1

        If ListBox1.Selected(lItem) = True Then

            Sheet2.Range("A65536").End(xlUp)(2, 1) = ListBox1.List(lItem)

            ListBox1.Selected(lItem) = False

        End If


End Sub

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