Delete Excel Sheet Event Code Macro

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Delete Excel Sheet Event Code Macro


Delete Sheet Event Code Macro. Delete VBA Code With Code


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Sheet Event Code

Excel is rich in event code for both the Workbook Object and the Sheet Object. For example, the worksheet change event is possibly the most popular of Sheet Events.


The macro below can be used to delete Sheet Code based on the sheet code names supplied to the select case statement within the Sheets Collection loop . It's ideal to use when you need to copy Sheets from a Workbook but do not want the code to copy with the Sheets.

You will have to go to Tools>Macro>Security - Trusted Publishers and check Trust access to Visual Basic Editor before running the code

Sub DeleteSheetEventCode()

''Needs Reference Set To _

    "Microsoft Visual Basic For Applications Extensibility"


Dim sSheet As Object, strName As String

        For Each sSheet In Sheets


            Select Case UCase(sSheet.Name)

                Case "SHEET1", "SHEET2", "SHEET3"

                    strName = sSheet.CodeName


                    With ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents(strName).CodeModule

                            .DeleteLines 1, .CountOfLines

                    End With


                Case Else


            End Select


        Next sSheet

End Sub


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