Excel VBA: Hide/Show Pivot Table Field Items

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Excel VBA: Hide/Show Pivot Table Field Items


Excel VBA: Hide/Show Pivot Table Field Items. Hiding/Showing Pivot Table Field Items


Hide/Show Pivot Table Field Items

Those of you that use pivot tables will be well aware of their power. Lets look at how we can use Excel VBA to show or hide Pivot Table Field Items.  The Excel macro below should give you a good idea how this can be done.

Sub HideShowFields()

Dim pt As PivotTable

Dim pi As PivotItem

    Set pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables("MyPivot")

    'Speeds up code dramatically

    pt.ManualUpdate = True



        For Each pi In pt.PivotFields("Head1").PivotItems

        '+0 Forces text number value to real number

            Select Case pi.Value + 0

                Case 1 To 5

                    pi.Visible = False

                Case Else

                    pi.Visible = True

            End Select

        Next pi


    pt.ManualUpdate = False


End Sub

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