Password Protect Worksheet From Viewing

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Password Protect Worksheet From Viewing


Excel VBA: Password Protect Worksheet From Viewing. Prevent Worksheet Viewing

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Password Protect Worksheet From Viewing

With the aid of some Excel VBA code placed the private module of the Workbook Object (ThisWorkbook) we can password protect a Worksheet from viewing to all those that do not know the password.

 It should be noted that this method is far from secure and should not be used if the Worksheet contains highly sensitive information. It is also addition to the general Worksheet protection and uses the user interface only option of the Protect Method. You should also protect/lock excel VBA code

The code shown below makes use of the worksheets code name.

It does not mask the password entry, but does stop after 3 failed attempts. If you wish to mask the password, use a Textbox on a UserForm that has its PasswordChar Property set to *. 

The workbook open procedure is there to ensure the Workbook does not open with the un-viewable Worksheet being active.

To use this code: While in Excel proper, right click on the Excel icon, top left next to File and choose View Code it is in here you must paste the code below and change to suit your needs.

Dim sLast As Object

Private Sub Workbook_Open()

    'Ensure Sheet1 is not the active sheet upon opening.

    If Sheet1.Name = ActiveSheet.Name Then Sheet2.Select

End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_SheetActivate(ByVal Sh As Object)

Dim strPass As String

Dim lCount As Long

    If Sh.CodeName <> "Sheet1" Then

       'Set sLast variable to the last active sheet _

       This is then used to return the user to the _

       last sheet they were on if password is not known _

       or they Cancel.

       Set sLast = Sh



       'Hide Columns

       Sheet1.Columns.Hidden = True

           'Allow 3 attempts at password

            For lCount = 1 To 3

                strPass = InputBox(Prompt:="Password Please", Title:="PASSWORD REQUIRED")

                    If strPass = vbNullString Then 'Cancelled


                        Exit Sub

                    ElseIf strPass <> "Secret" Then 'InCorrect password

                        MsgBox "Password incorrect", vbCritical, "Ozgrid.com"

                    Else 'Correct Password

                       Exit For

                    End If

            Next lCount


            If lCount = 4 Then 'They use up their 3 attempts


                Exit Sub

            Else 'Allow viewing

                Sheet1.Columns.Hidden = False

            End If

    End If

End Sub


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