OzGrid.com specializes in Excel & Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) Excel development, programming and consultancy.

How does it work?

Cost Effective Solutions

We provide customized, cost-effective business solutions for our clients that are user-friendly and will save both time and money.

Our Excel development team can integrate your project with other systems if required (Access, Word, Web etc) and are able to assist with the planning of your project by providing comments and suggestions that can enhance the final product.

We thoroughly test all of the Excel applications that we develop and can provide on-going maintenance and upgrades if required.

Our Experts

We have a talented and professional team of innovative Excel spreadsheet application developers in the engineering, accounting, financial, budgeting and management areas

Our Excel Application development team are all highly regarded experts with many years of experience with Excel and Excel VBA as well as many other software systems, and are located in many corners of the globe.

Our Consultancy Rate

All projects are based on our hourly rate of USD $150 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments.

We will provide you with a cost for your project (based on the information that you supply to us), a timeframe for completion and any suggestions or comments that we may have that can enhance your final product.

What can we assist with?

Interested in a FREE quote?

Please supply a brief description of your project and your expected outcome.

A file sample will help us to supply a cost, timeframe for completion and offer any suggestions we may have to enhance your project.

Please be assured that anything we do for you will remain your property and confidential.

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