Return Date of the First, or nth Day of Month

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Return Date of the First, or nth Day of Month


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The Custom Function below can be used to return the date of the nth specified day of any given month.

It can be used in any cell like;


Where "Sun" is the day we need to return the date of the 2nd occurrence of Sunday in the Month November.



Which_Day is a text abbreviation on any day, e.g. "Sat"

Which_Date is a text representation of any valid date, e.g. "10-Oct-2005", "10-10-2005" etc

Occurence is the occurrence of Which_Day

To be able to use this custom function in a Workbook, you must first place the code below into a standard module.

  1. Open The Workbook.
  2. Go To Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11).
  3. Then To Insert>Module.
  4. Paste In The Code.
  5. Click The Top Right X To Return To Excel.

The Code

Function NthDayOfMonth(Which_Day As String, Which_Date As String, Occurence As Byte) As Date

Dim i As Integer

Dim iDay As Integer

Dim iDaysInMonth As Integer

Dim FullDateNew As Date

Dim lCount As Long

Which_Date = CDate(Which_Date)


        Select Case UCase(Which_Day)

            Case "SUN"

                iDay = 1

            Case "MON"

                iDay = 2

            Case "TUE"

                iDay = 3

            Case "WED"

                iDay = 4

            Case "THU"

                iDay = 5

            Case "FRI"

                iDay = 6

            Case "SAT"

                iDay = 7

            End Select



    FullDateNew = DateSerial(Year(Which_Date), Month(Which_Date), 1)


    iDaysInMonth = Day(DateAdd("d", -1, DateSerial _
                (Year(Which_Date), Month(Which_Date) + 1, 1)))

    For i = 0 To iDaysInMonth

        If Weekday(FullDateNew + i) = iDay Then

            lCount = lCount + 1

        End If

        If lCount = Occurence Then

            NthDayOfMonth = FullDateNew + i

            Exit For

        End If

    Next i

End Function

Now simply enter the function into any cell as shown above.


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