Excel VBA: Does Workbook Exist

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Excel VBA: Does Workbook Exist


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This UDF will return True Or False depending on whether the specified Excel Workbook exists or not.

The VBA Code

Function WorkBookExist(FilePathName As String) As Boolean
Dim strCheck As String

'Written by www.Ozgrid.com

'Test to see if a Workbook exists

strCheck = Dir(FilePathName)

WorkBookExist = Not strCheck = vbNullString

End Function

To use this UDF push Alt+F11 and go Insert>Module and paste in the code. Push Alt+Q and save. The Function will appear under "User Defined" in the Paste Function dialog box (Shift+F3). 

Enter the function like this.

=WorkBookExist("C:\OzGrid Likom\Testings\Book2.xls")


=IF(WorkBookExist("C:\OzGrid Likom\Testings\Book2.xls"),

"Do True Statement","Else Do False Statement")

Where you replace Do True Statement with the Excel Function to perform if True and Else Do False Statement with the Excel Function to perform if False.


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