Color or Format a Formula Referenced Cells - Precedents

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Color or Format a Formula Referenced Cells - Precedents


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Color Formulae Reference Cells

Here is some VBA code that will color the precedent cells of any single cell formula.

Sub ColorCellReferences()

    Dim rFormulaCell As Range


    Set rFormulaCell = Sheet1.Range("A1")

    On Error GoTo PrecedentError

    With rFormulaCell

        .ShowPrecedents (False)

        .NavigateArrow True, 1, 1

        With Selection

            If .Address = rFormulaCell.Address _

            Then GoTo PrecedentError

            .Interior.ColorIndex = 6

        End With

        Application.Goto .Cells(1, 1)

        .ShowPrecedents (True)

    End With

    Exit Sub


     MsgBox "No  formula, or no formula with Precedents in cell"


End Sub


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