Find Feature to Find 3 Matching Criteria in 3 Columns in Excel

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Find 3 Matching Criteria


Excel: Find Feature to Find 3 Matching Criteria in 3 Columns in Excel


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The standard excel find feature is great for locating matching cells. However, it cannot be use 'as is' to locate, say 3, matching cells on the same row within a table. What we will do, to make it different to the normal find, is allow the user to specify more than one item to locate. For example, if you have a large table of data (say A1:H1000), you may wish to find a specific row in that table where 3, or more items (if modified), occur on the one row. The number of items can be greater or smaller than 3, but for this example we will use 3.

To create this custom find you will need.

A) 1 UserForm.

B) 3 ComboBoxes. Named ComboBox1, ComboBox2 and ComboBox3. Place these vertically on the left side of UserForm with ComboBox1 at the top and ComboBox3 and the bottom. Set the Enabled Property of ComboBox2 and ComboBox3 to False.

C) 5 Labels. Named Label1 (positioned above Combobox1), Label2 (positioned above Combobox2), Label3 (positioned above Combobox3), Label4 positioned above Label1 and Label 4 anywhere for now. Change the Caption Property of Label4 to read "Select up to 3 fields". Change the Caption Property of Label5 to read "Matching Rows. Double click to go there".

D) 2 CommandButtons. CommandButton1 and CommandButton2. Change the Caption Property of CommandButton1 to "Find" and the Caption Property of CommandButton2 to "Close". Postion both of these to the top right of the UserForm.

E) 1 ListBox. Named ListBox1. Postion this below the 2 CommandButtons and place label5 above it. Make ListBox1 the same width as Label5.

That is all we need for creating the form now it's time to add the all important code. Double click the UserForm and add all the code shown below:

Option Explicit

'Module Level Variables

Dim rRange As Range

Dim strFind1 As String

Dim strFind2 As String

Dim strFind3 As String

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

'Pass chosen value to String variable strFind1

strFind1 = ComboBox1

'Enable ComboBox2 only if value is chosen

ComboBox2.Enabled = Not strFind1 = vbNullString

End Sub

Private Sub ComboBox2_Change()

'Pass chosen value to String variable strFind1

strFind2 = ComboBox2

'Enable ComboBox3 only if value is chosen

ComboBox3.Enabled = Not strFind2 = vbNullString

End Sub

Private Sub ComboBox3_Change()

'Pass chosen value to String variable strFind1

strFind3 = ComboBox3

End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

'Procedure level variables

Dim lCount As Long

Dim lOccur As Long

Dim rCell As Range

Dim rCell2 As Range

Dim rCell3 As Range

Dim bFound As Boolean

'At least one value, from ComboBox1 must be chosen

If strFind1 & strFind2 & strFind3 = vbNullString Then

        MsgBox "No items to find chosen", vbCritical

            Exit Sub 'Go no further

ElseIf strFind1 = vbNullString Then

        MsgBox "A value from " & Label1.Caption _

            & " must be chosen", vbCritical

        Exit Sub 'Go no further

     End If

'Clear any old entries

On Error Resume Next


On Error GoTo 0

'If String variable are empty pass the wildcard character

If strFind2 = vbNullString Then strFind2 = "*"

If strFind3 = vbNullString Then strFind3 = "*"

'Set range variable to first cell in table.

Set rCell = rRange.Cells(1, 1)

'Pass the number of times strFind1 occurs

lOccur = WorksheetFunction.CountIf(rRange.Columns(1), strFind1)

'Loop only as many times as strFind1 occurs

For lCount = 1 To lOccur

'Set the range variable to the found cell. This is then also _

         used to Start the next Find from (After:=rCell)

Set rCell = rRange.Columns(1).Find(What:=strFind1, After:=rCell, _

                LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlWhole, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, _

                SearchDirection:=xlNext, MatchCase:=False)

'Check each find to see if strFind2 and strFind3 occur _

         on the same row.

If rCell(1, 2) Like strFind2 And rCell(1, 3) Like strFind3 Then

            bFound = True 'Used to not show message box for no value found.

'Add the address of the found cell and the cell on the _

             same row but 2 columns to the right.

ListBox1.AddItem rCell.Address & ":" & rCell(1, 3).Address

         End If

    Next lCount

If bFound = False Then 'No match

MsgBox "Sorry, no matches", vbOKOnly

End If

End Sub

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()

'Close UserForm

Unload Me

End Sub

Private Sub ListBox1_DblClick(ByVal Cancel As MSForms.ReturnBoolean)

'Check for range addresses

If ListBox1.ListCount = 0 Then Exit Sub

'GoTo doubled clicked address

Application.Goto Range(ListBox1.Text), True

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

'Procedure level module

Dim lRows As Long

'Set Module level range variable to CurrentRegion _

of the Selection

Set rRange = Selection.CurrentRegion

    If rRange.Rows.Count < 2 Then ' Only 1 row

        MsgBox "Please select any cell in your table first", vbCritical

        Unload Me 'Close Userform

        Exit Sub


        With rRange

'Set Label Captions to the Table headings

Label1.Caption = .Cells(1, 1)

             Label2.Caption = .Cells(1, 2)

             Label3.Caption = .Cells(1, 3)

'Set RowSource of ComboBoxes to the appropriate columns _

             inside the table

ComboBox1.RowSource = .Columns(1).Offset(1, 0).Address

             ComboBox2.RowSource = .Columns(2).Offset(1, 0).Address

             ComboBox3.RowSource = .Columns(3).Offset(1, 0).Address

        End With

    End If

End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Terminate()

'Destroy Module level variables

Set rRange = Nothing

strFind1 = vbNullString

strFind2 = vbNullString

strFind3 = vbNullString

End Sub

Now go to Insert>Module and add this code

Sub ShowForm()

On Error Resume Next


On Error GoTo 0

End Sub

Download Working Example


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