Display Excel AutoFilter Criteria

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Display Excel AutoFilter Criteria


Excel VBA: Display Excel AutoFilter Criteria. Show Auto Filter Criteria in Excel

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Display/Show AutoFilter Criteria

Excel's autofilter is one of Excel's most useful features. However, one small draw-back is it's hard top tell the criteria being used at a glance. The custom excel function below can be used to display the criteria being used for each column of the table that has AutoFilter applied. All you do is ensure you have at least 2 rows above your table, then add the custom function to each cell 2 rows above the column heading. See below:

AutoFilter Custom Function in Use

The custom function is used in each cell shown above like;

  1. =AutoFilter_Criteria(B3)
  2. =AutoFilter_Criteria(C3)
  3. =AutoFilter_Criteria(D3)

Below is the code that must be added to the Workbook, or an excel add-in. To add the code to a Workbook go to Tools>Macro>Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11) then to Insert>Module and paste in the code below;

Function AutoFilter_Criteria(Header As Range) As String

Dim strCri1 As String, strCri2 As String



    With Header.Parent.AutoFilter

        With .Filters(Header.Column - .Range.Column + 1)


            If Not .On Then Exit Function


                strCri1 = .Criteria1

            If .Operator = xlAnd Then

                strCri2 = " AND " & .Criteria2

            ElseIf .Operator = xlOr Then

                strCri2 = " OR " & .Criteria2

            End If


        End With

    End With


    AutoFilter_Criteria = UCase(Header) & ": " & strCri1 & strCri2

End Function

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