Functions To Determine Excel Calculation Status & Mode

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Functions To Determine Excel Calculation Status & Mode


While I would never suggest anyone use Manual calculation in Excel, I realize that many still do. All it means is you have spreadsheet design issue that you SHOULD fix rather than cater to.

Excel Function For Calculation Status

 Function CalculationState() As String 
    Select  Case Application.CalculationState 
    Case 0: CalculationState = "Calculating" 
    Case 1: CalculationState = "Done" 
    Case 2: CalculationState = "Pending" 
    End Select 
End Function

Excel Function For Calculation Mode

Function CalculationMode() As String 
    Dim cMode As XlCalculation 
    cMode = Application.Calculation 
    Select Case cMode 
    Case xlCalculationAutomatic: CalculationMode = "Auto" 
    Case xlCalculationManual: CalculationMode = "Manual" 
    Case xlCalculationSemiautomatic: CalculationMode = "Semi-Auto" 
    End Select 
End Function 

Use like;



Both are Volatile Functions and will recalculate when most action is used in Excel. IMPORTANT if you are in Manual Calculation neither will auto recalculate.


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