Add Excel Worksheets in Numeric Sequence

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Add Excel Worksheets in Numeric Sequence


Add Worksheets to Excel in Number Sequence/Order. Add Excel Worksheets in Numeric Sequence


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There are occasions where adding a new Worksheet to an Excel Workbook should be added in a number sequence. For example, you may need to add Worksheets, name them in a numeric order and have the Worksheets in the correct numeric position. The code below will do this

Sub AddNumberSequence()

Dim wSheet As Worksheet

Dim lNum As Long

Dim lIndex As Long

    For Each wSheet In Worksheets

            If IsNumeric(wSheet.Name) Then

                lNum = wSheet.Name + 1

                lIndex = wSheet.Index

            End If

    Next wSheet


    If lNum <> 0 Then

      Worksheets.Add After:=Worksheets(lIndex)

      ActiveSheet.Name = lNum

    End If


End Sub


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