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useful excel information


1 2 Excel Functions/Formulas to Count/Sum Excel Cells by Color
2 Sum/Count Cells By Fill Or Background Color in Excel
3 Sum Excel Ranges Diagonally
4 Excel Function That Sums Every Nth Cell In a Specified Range
5 Sum Values In Excel Meeting Up To 5 Criteria/Conditions
6 Excel Custom Function: Sum Top/Bottom X Numbers In 1 Column or Row
7 Show/Hide a Custom Toolbar & Remove/Restore Excel's Toolbars
8 Track/Report User Changes on an Excel Worksheet/Workbook
9 Transfer Multi-Select ListBox To Range Of Cells
10 Transpose Rows Into Columns
11 Excel Lookup nth Occurrence/Instance
12 Add Excel UDF/Custom Function to a Category & Add a Description
13 The Ultimate Excel Lookup Function
14 Update Links in Excel
15 Stop UserForm From Closing via X
16 Excel VBA Code For Excel UserForms & Controls
17 TextBox for Numbers Only
18 TextBox for Text Only
19 Using Variables in Excel VBA Macro Code
20 Excel VBA Variables Scope and Lifetime
21 Worksheet Names Stored In Cells For Excel Formula References
22 Prevent Excel VBA Macro Code Being Case Sensitive
23 Excel: Delete/Deleting Blank Rows With Excel VBA
24 Excel VBA Events
25 Excel VBA Intersect Method
26 Excel VBA Loops
27 Excel Visual Basic Editor Environment Tips & Tricks
28 Vlookup Across Excel Worksheets
29 Returning the Workbook Path for Excel Workbooks
30 Working With Excel Worksheets In Excel VBA Macro Code
31 VLOOKUPS and LOOPS using VBA code index
32 Excel VBA Evaluate Method. Excel Formulas/Functions In Macro Code
33 Lookup Any Occurrence in Any Table Column


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