Returning the Workbook Path for Excel Workbooks

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Returning the Workbook Path for Excel Workbooks


Custom/User Defined Function/Formula to Return the Full File Path & Name of Excel Workbooks

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These two UDF's will place the name of a Workbook into a cell, or the Workbooks File path and name. It also shows the Excel CELL function returning the Workbooks name, file path and active sheet name. Neither of the first two examples take any arguments. The last one is used in place of nesting the MID and other functions with the CELL function to get the sheet name.

The Custom Excel Functions

Function MyName() As String

	MyName = ThisWorkbook.Name

End Function

Function MyFullName() As String

	MyFullName = ThisWorkbook.FullName 

End Function

Function SheetName(rAnyCell)


    SheetName = rAnyCell.Parent.Name 

End Function

To use this UDF push Alt+F11 and go Insert>Module and paste in the code. Push Alt+Q and save. The Function will appear under "User Defined" in the Paste Function (Shift+F3). 

Use the Functions as shown in the graphic example below. They takes no arguments. 

The CELL Function is a standard function that will return information about the current operating system. See CELL is Excels help for details.




Workbook Path.xls


C:\OzGrid\Learning\Workbook Path.xls


C:\OzGrid\Learning\[Workbook Path.xls]Sheet1





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