Vlookup Across Excel Worksheets

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Vlookup Across Excel Worksheets


Custom/User Defined Function/Formula to Vlookup In All Sheets in an Excel Workbook


This UDF was written by myself to take the place of VLOOKUP when you need to look across ALL the Worksheets in the active Workbook. 

The Custom Excel Functions

Function VLOOKAllSheets(Look_Value As Variant, Tble_Array As Range, _

                          Col_num as Integer, Optional Range_look as Boolean)


'Written by OzGrid.com

'Use VLOOKUP to Look across ALL Worksheets and stops _

at the first match found.


Dim wSheet As Worksheet

Dim vFound

On Error Resume Next

	For Each wSheet In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets

		With wSheet

		Set Tble_Array = .Range(Tble_Array.Address)

			vFound = WorksheetFunction.VLookup _
			(Look_Value, Tble_Array, _
			Col_num, Range_look)

		End With

		If Not IsEmpty(vFound) Then Exit For

	Next wSheet

	Set Tble_Array = Nothing

	VLOOKAllSheets = vFound

End Function

To use this code do this:

1. Push Alt+F11 and go to Insert>Module
2. Copy and paste in the code.
3. Push Alt+Q and Save. 

Now in any cell put in the Function like this: 


Where "Dog" is the value to find 

" " C1:E20 is the range to look in the first column and find "Dog" 

" " 2 is the relative column position in C1:E20 to return return our result from. 

" " FALSE (or ommited) means find and exact match of "Dog" 

In other words the UDF has the exact same syntax as Excels VLOOKUP. The only difference is that it will look in ALL Worksheets and stop at the first match. You can find the UDF (VLOOKAllSheets) in the Paste Function dialog (Shift+F3) within the "Function category" of "User Defined".

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