Excel Visual Basic Editor Environment Tips & Tricks

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Excel Visual Basic Editor Environment Tips & Tricks


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Activate the VBE-Visual Basic Editor

Push Alt + F11

Go back to Excel:

Push Alt + F11 to toggle between Excel and the VBE.
or Alt + Q to quit the VBE.

Go to Workbook Events:

While in Excel Right click on the Excel icon, top left next to "File" and select "View Code". Then choose an Event from the "Procedure" drop down list box. For Excel 2000 you will need to select "Workbook" from the "Object" drop down list box.

Go to Worksheet Events:

Right click on any sheet name tab and select "View Code". Then choose an event from the "Procedure" drop down list box. For Excel 2000 you will need to select "Worksheet" from the "Object" drop down list box.

Getting quick help on an Excel Property, Procedure, Event or Keyword:

Place you mouse insertion point anywhere within the text and push F1.

Customize the VBE Toolbar:

Right click on any blank area of the Toolbar and select "Customize" then click the "Commands" page tab and drag menu items on or off.

Lock/Protect VBA code from viewing

Go to Tools>VBAProject Properties... select the "Protection" page tab, check the "Lock project from viewing" check box. Type in a password in the "Password" box then type in again in the "Confirm password" box. and click Ok. You will need to Save and close the Workbook for the protection to take place.

Placing special symbols into your message boxes and Inputboxes:

Degree symbol = Alt+0176
At sign = Alt+064
Copyright sign = Alt+0169
Registered symbol = Alt+0174
One quarter as a fraction = Alt+0188
One half as a fraction = Alt+0189
British Pound sign = Alt+0163
Three quarters as a fraction = Alt+0190 
To get the full list type "Character Set (128 255)" into the help wizard while in the VBE



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