Update Links in Excel

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Update Links in Excel


Updating Links in Excel Workbooks

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Update Links in Excel

When you have formula links in an Excel Workbook (destination) to another Excel Workbook (source) you will be asked if you wish to update links in the Workbook (destination) each time you open it. This can be painful when you always want, or don't want, links updated.

Automatically Answer the Start -up Prompt in the Same way Each Time

Update Links Automatically:

1) On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Edit tab.

2) Clear the Ask to update automatic links check box. If the box is cleared, the links are automatically updated, and no alert is displayed.

This option is for the current user only, and affects every workbook opened. Other users of the workbook are not affected.

Update/ Don't Update Links

1) On Edit menu, click Links.

2) Click Start -up Prompt.

3) Select the option you want.

Note  You will still be notified if there are any broken links

Warning This option affects all users of the workbook. If you choose to not update links, and not to prompt, users of the workbook will not know the data is out of date.

Opening Workbook via VBA Code

If you are using Excel VBA to open the Workbook the problem can be addressed in the Workbook Open Method.

Sub OpenUpdate()

    Workbooks.Open FileNmae:= _

        "C:\My Documents\LinkedBook.xls", UpdateLinks:=xlUpdateLinksAlways

End Sub

Sub OpenDontUpdate()

    Workbooks.Open FileNmae:= _

        "C:\My Documents\LinkedBook.xls", UpdateLinks:=xlUpdateLinksNever

End Sub

Sub OpenUpdateLinksPerSettings()

    Workbooks.Open FileNmae:= _

        "C:\My Documents\LinkedBook.xls", UpdateLinks:=xlUpdateLinksUserSetting

End Sub


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