Excel Lookup nth Occurrence/Instance

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Excel Lookup nth Occurrence/Instance


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This UDF will look in the first column in a Table or Range for the N'th occurrence of a specified value, then look in a nominated column for another specified value on the same row. It will then return the result from the same row in a specified column. 

The Code: 

Function FindNth(Table As Range, Val1 As Variant,Val1Occrnce As Integer, _

                  		Val2 As Variant,Val2Col As Integer, ResultCol As Integer)


'Written by OzGrid Business Applications


'Finds the N'th value in the first Column of a table that has a stated _

 value on the same row in another Column.


	Dim i As Integer

	Dim iCount As Integer

	Dim rCol As Range

		For i = 1 To Table.Rows.Count

			If Table.Cells(i, 1) = Val1 And _
				Table.Cells(i, Val2Col) = Val2 Then

				iCount = iCount + 1

			End If

			If iCount = Val1Occrnce Then

				FindNth = Table.Cells(i, ResultCol)

				Exit For

			End If

		Next i

End Function

To use this function, push Alt+F11 and go to Insert>Module. Paste in the code, push Alt+Q and save. Use the function as shown in graphic example. You can access it under "User Defined" in the Paste Function (Shift+F3). 

Type Amount Sex Cost Purchased
Cat 1 Male $  5.00 22/05/01
Cat 2 Male $  5.00 15/00/00
Dog 3 Male $ 20.00 25/04/00
Rat 5 Female $  1.00 15/08/01
Mouse 1 Female $  1.00 18/02/01
Bird 5 Male $ 10.00 1/05/01
Horse 1 Female $ 100.00 2/04/00
Dog 2 Male $ 150.00 15/06/99
Horse 8 Male $ 200.00 14/05/00
Cat 9 Female $ 100.00 15/05/99
Dog 6 Male $ 200.00 22/08/01
Formula =FindNth(A1:E12,"Dog",2,"Male",3,5)
Result 15/06/99

The Table range is A1:E12
"Dog" is the value to find in the first column of A1:E12
2 is the occurrence of "Dog" to find in the first Column of A1:E12
"Male" is second value to find
3 is the relative position of the column in A1:E12 to find "Male"
5 is the relative position in the column to return our result from

In other words, find the second occurrence of a Male Dog and return the result from the same row in the fifth column. It is important that the code is case sensitive. This can be overcome by using:

Option Compare Text

Placed at the top of the module.


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