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Index to how to… providing a range of solutions page 3


1 How to sort by phone #, phone # in different columns, phone # with extensions
2 How to convert mmmm d yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy
3 How to work with COUNTIF with multiple criteria
4 How to average both positive and negative numbers
5 How to find the maximum date within date range
6 How to sum from two tables based on From-To date criteria
7 How to calculate straight line depreciation
8 How to calculate diminishing balance depreciation
9 How to use IF and VLOOKUP formulas together
10 How to use Index/Countif based on multiple factors including range
11 How to calculate productivity in time basis
12 How to use SUMIF to extract attendance details from a register
13 How to convert decimals to text fraction
14 How to calculate hours based on individual daily rates
15 How to count the frequency of a specific number on a specific day
16 How to determine the top sales person
17 How to use RANK formula with multiple criteria
18 How to calculate the total commission value from a sliding scale
19 How to add a trend arrow to a dashboard
20 How to use SUMIF using Variable Columns
21 How to set up an efficient spreadsheet design
22 Excel/VBA Golden Rules. These should NOT be optional
23 How to match positive and negative values within subgroups
24 How to drag every Nth column, with varying starting column by date
25 How to add lines to a chart
26 How to for Microsoft Office applications
27 How to maintain the VLOOKUP font format
28 How to convert data in one column to two columns
29 How to print range excluding blank rows with formulas
30 How to indent based on corresponding cell value
31 How to vertically centre text in userform label
32 How to use a dropdown or text option
33 How to use a VBA code to change cells colours based on date in other cells
34 How to Delete/Hide every nth row
35 How to clear Userform
36 How to count non blanks 5 years from the last non blank date
37 How to disable edit/delete comments
38 How to print hidden sheets without viewing the sheet being printed
39 How to use IF THEN to select a specific case (region)
40 How to use VBA code to check interactions in the formula bar
41 How to use SUMPRODUCT with dates
42 How to sum up values in a date range
43 How to remove excel password protection
44 How to combine rows with the same ID# but different columns
45 How to merge multiple excel files into one file in separate sheets with source file name
46 How to copy last used row to next empty row in another worksheet


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