How to vertically center text in Userform Label

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How to vertically center text in Userform Label




Is it possible to vertically center the text in a userform label?

For example: The user has a label that's 22px high, but the text is only 10pt 




Re: Vertically Center Text In Userform Label

The label control has no built in vertical alignment.
The simplest way is to use 2 labels. One displays the border at the required size.
The other is autosize to fit display text and then centered over the other label.

This code assume 2 labels on a userform
Label1 formatted to size of holding border.
Label2 to hold text and center both vertically and horizontally.

    With Label2
        .AutoSize = False
        .Height = 100
        .Width = 200
        .Caption = "This is my" & vbLf & "label text"
        .AutoSize = True
        .Top = Label1.Top + ((Label1.Height - .Height) / 2)
        .Left = Label1.Left + ((Label1.Width - .Width) / 2)
    End With


Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by Andy Pope.


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