How to use RANK formula with multiple criteria

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How to use RANK formula with multiple criteria




The user requires the following:

Store Grade A B B B B B B B B C D D B
Store Name Store 1 Store 2 Store 3 Store 4 Store 5 Store 6 Store 7 Store 8 Store 9 Store 10 Store 11 Store 12 Store 13
Units Sold 25 100 27 90 25 37 10 10 15 25 0 100 90
Rank 7 1 6 3 8 5 11 12 10 9 13 2 4

Tried getting the above outcome on ranking, with =RANK(B3,B3:N3), not getting desired results.

The first criteria being the units sold in store and second criteria being the grading of the store.

For example, Store2 and Store 12 sold 100 units each but Store2 being Grade"B" gets Rank 1 over Store 12.





Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by NBVC.


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