How to use IF THEN to select a specific case (region)

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How to use IF THEN to select a specific case (region)




The user has a few arrays made up of country codes, each array represents a region.

The user needs to  use a select case statement to correctly select the correct region (array) for any given country code.

The user would like to have a country code and then using select case look inside each array and if it finds a match then thats the region?



Sub a()
Origin = Cells(1, 1).Value
If InStr(ASPA, Origin) > 0 Then
    Region = "Asia"
ElseIf InStr(EMEA, Origin) > 0 Then
    Region = "Europe"
ElseIf Origin = "US" Then
    Region = "US"
End If
MsgBox Region
End Sub

Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by Patel.


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