How to average both positive and negative numbers

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How to average both positive and negative numbers




On the user's data sheet from Col D through Col Z is where the data is kept. The numbers in in Col D through Col Z, can be both negative and positive numbers, so the user wants to average, the last three numbers in the range for a three day average, and the last 5 days for a average, and the last ten. There will be zeros when no information is required. Also not all people will have a 10,5,3 day information for a average number.

Col D row 3: 65.02
Col E row 3: -2.03
Col F row 3: .00
Col H row 3: 15.00
Col I row 3: .00
Col J row 3: -.23







Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by Carim.


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