Lesson 28 - Clear Excel Cell Contents

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Lesson 28 - Excel: The Different Methods of Clearing Cell Contents


Normally when working in Excel, if we want to remove a cell(s) contents we would simply push the Delete key on our keyboard. This would delete the contents of the cell. However, it will not delete the formatting of the cell in any way. What this means is, if we had a cell with a yellow background, blue font and formatted for currency, and the value $10. 00 in the cell. Pushing Delete would only remove the value 10. All the other cell attributes would remain intact. echo

Let's try just this so that you can see what we mean.

  • In Cell A3, Type The Value 10. Format The Cell For Currency Of Any Kind, Make It Yellow And Make The Font Blue.
  • Click In Cell A3 And Push Delete.
  • Now Type Any Number In The Cell And As You Will See, You Will Still Have A Yellow Cell With Blue Font And Formatted For Currency.
  • This Time, With Cell A3 Selected, Go To home Tab>Editing Group>Clear Formats or select any other option
  • Now Type Any Number In Cell A3 And All You Will Have Is The Number In Black Font, With No Formatting And No Background Color.

While these differences may appear subtle, they can be very handy should you have a large range of cells which you have specifically formatted and you only want to clear the contents and not the formatting or vice versa.


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