Broken Line Excel Chart With Formulas for Linked Chart Data

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Broken Line Excel Chart With Formulas for Linked Chart Data


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Non zero data returned from a formula is treated as zero. The use of NA() allows the line to be joined between numeric points

The mask method can be used to create breaks for missing data.

Original Data   Linked Data "" Linked Data #N/A Linked Data Masked Mask
0.28 A 1.28 2.28 3.28 #N/A
0.25 B 1.25 2.25 3.25 3.25
0.01 C   #N/A #N/A #N/A
0.35 D 1.35 2.35 3.35 3.35
0.07 E   #N/A #N/A #N/A
0.87 F 1.87 2.87 3.87 3.87
0.72 G 1.72 2.72 3.72 #N/A
0.88 H 1.88 2.88 3.88 #N/A
0.21 I 1.21 2.21 3.21 #N/A
0.34 J 1.34 2.34 3.34 #N/A
0.40 K 1.40 2.40 3.40 #N/A

The example workbook contains a formula to create the mask data series.


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