Creating Bounding Area Within XY Scatter Chart

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Creating Bounding Area Within XY Scatter Chart


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This is a standard xy scatter chart. It has 2 data series plotted as markers only. The VBA code will then calculate the bounding area and output the necessary X and Y values in order to plot the encapsulating lines.

The technique for determining the bounding line is one known as 'gift wrapping'.

The lowest x value point is chosen as the Starting point and the each other point is checked to find the one that causes the smallest change in angle.


The example workbook contains the relevant class code to produce a set of bounding x and y values.
The animation property is purely for fun and demonstration.
There is also a property to to control how tight the bounding line fits the points. 
The example above is not a tight fit as the bounding lines are not touching the points.


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