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Engine. Indexing & Full Text and Synonym Searches

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The indexing process is necessary to perform full-text search. To update the index, click on the icon  or select the "Update index" item located in the "Tools" menu. The window shown below appears:

Wait for the index process.

Full text and synonym searches

To perform a more specific search, it is possible to use a large selection of logical operators. You can find below a list of all the operators you may need.

htmOperatorhtm htmExamplehtm htmDescriptionhtm
htmANDhtm htmHome AND Garagehtm Give back all the documents that contain both words
htmORhtm htmHomehtmhtmOR Garagehtm htmResults can contain the first or the second word as well as bothhtm
htmW/nhtm htmHomehtmhtmW/5 Garagehtm htmA max. of 5 words between the two terms. Users can change the numberhtm
htmNot W/nhtm htmHome Not W/5 Garagehtm htmA min. of 5 words between the two terms. Users can change the numberhtm
htmNothtm htmGarage NOT gardenhtm htmResults will contain only the first termhtm
htmW/n xfirstwordhtm htmHomehtmhtmW/5 xfirstwordhtm htmThe term must be within the first 5 words of the documentshtm
htmW/n xlastwordhtm htmHome W/5 xlastwordhtm htmThe term must be within the last 5 words of the documentshtm
htm?htm htmHohtmhtm?htmhtmehtm htmReplace a single character in the word. htmhtmThis operator can appear more than one time in a word.htm
htm=htm htmNTV1=342htm htmReplaces a single number in the stringhtm
htm*htm htmHohtmhtm*htm htmSearches every word that Start s with "Ho"htmhtm. This operator can be used also in a word (for example H*e)htm
htm%htm htm%homehtm htmFhtmhtmuzzy search. Replaces a character in the word.htm
htm%htm htmGahtmhtm%%rhtmhtmdenhtm htmFhtmhtmuzzy search. In this case two characters will be replaced, Starting from "r"htm
htm~~htm htm1htm~~10 htmSearches for a numeric rangehtmhtm. This search gives back a number from 1 to 10htm

It is possible to tie two or more sentences with a logical operator. You can have, for example, a string like "(car during race) OR (racing car)" that gives back all documents that contains one or both phrases. If you want to use synonyms, check the button and insert the string.htm

Details and Help: Folder to Index & To Index E-mails | To create a Field & To acquire image files from scanner | To perform OCR and indexation & create virtual annotations | Indexing & Full text and synonym searches | Field searches & Search results | To Create and manage the print list & Image files that need OCR processing | To verify archive integrity

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