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Create a Field & To Acquire Image Files From Scanner

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Find Files Desktop Standard Start | Developers Site | Find File Desktop Professional

Find Desktop allows you to create Fields to better classify your documents. To create a new Field, select the "Field management" item from the tool menu; the following window appears:

To create a new Field, click the "New field" button. The available Field types are:

  • Text
  • Integer
  • Decimal
  • Date
  • Memo

When you create a text Field, you must specify the length. The date type field allows you to insert a DD/MM/YYYY formatted date . To insert a lot of characters in a Field, use a memo type field.  If you want to specify a default value for a Field, use the "default value" input box.

To classify a document, select it and click the right mouse button. Choose the "Property" item and wait until the form shown below appears:

Insert the value for one or more Field and click the ok button.

To acquire image files from scanner

You can acquire images with all the Twain Drivers Scanners on the market . Select the icon  or select the "Insert file from scanner" item. The scanning window will appear. To Start the scanning process, select an item from the menu shown below:

If you have an ADF Scanner, you can acquire more than one page at the same time. Find Desktop will create a multipage Tiff file. If you don't have an ADF scanner you can use the "Multiple scan" option.

To set up the scanner, select the "Scanning option" item and wait until the window shown below appears:

To select the scanner you want to use, Click the "select" button. A list of available scanners will appears. If you want to use the native interface for the Driver, select the option.

The image below represents a multipage Tiff file:

To leaf through the pages, simply select a page.

To obtain the Property menu, click with the right mouse button on a thumbnail

Insert page before: insert a page (from scanner) before the selection.

Insert page after: insert a page (from scanner) after the selection.

Cut:  Allows you to cut one or more pages. The cut pages are copied on the clipboard. You can use the "Paste" option to paste them on to another position or file.

Copy:  Allows you to copy one or more pages. The Copied pages are copied on the clipboard. You can use the "Paste" option to paste them on to another position or file.

Paste: Allows to paste one or more pages previously copied or cut.

Delete: Allows you to delete one or more pages

Rotation: Allows you to rotate a page (90, 180, 270)

Deskew: Allows you to deskew an image

Despeckle: Allows you to reduce the noise

Print:  Allows you to print a page, all pages or a range of page

You can add virtual annotation on the images. The annotations can be textual or graphic. To add an annotation, click the "Note" button.  The Toolbar for annotations will be unlocked.  

Selecting an option, you will be able to insert text, pictures or handwriting on an image.

The annotations will be saved when the image file is closed. To search an annotation, click the button

Details and Help: Folder to Index & To Index E-mails | To create a Field & To acquire image files from scanner | To perform OCR and indexation & create virtual annotations | Indexing & Full text and synonym searches | Field searches & Search results | To Create and manage the print list & Image files that need OCR processing | To verify archive integrity

Find Files Desktop Start | Developers Site

Find Desktop Standard $80.00 Secure Payment Options  | Find File Desktop Professional

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