How to use SUMIF

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How to use SUMIF




If the value in column E = "??/01/2018" (note, UK date format so DD/MM/YYYY) and the value in column A contains or begins with "CR", then sum the corresponding cell(s) in column F. For the below table, The user  would expect Excel to return a value of 4646.43. The user would then replicate the formula to capture the data for the other months and for cells that contain "CC".

Change Ref (col A) Invoice Date (col E) Amount (col F)
CC3190 21/12/2017 £6,636.00
CR2017.017 18/01/2018 £3,076.43
CR2017.020 18/01/2018 £1,570.00






Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by royNBVC.


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