How to combine LARGE and SUMIF- Array formula

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How to combine LARGE and SUMIF- Array formula




The user is looking for a formula to get the largest revenue by project. The issue is that the user cannot not use a “simple” large and if array formula as the project appears in multiple rows. The user needs to get the sum by project and show the largest one. The user has provided below an example where the user sneed to show the top 5 projects for 2018.


Project Name - Year - revenue
Project A - 2018 - 100€
Project A - 2017 - 100€
Project A - 2018 - 200€
Project B - 2018 - 500€
Project C - 2018 - 400€
Project C - 2017 - 400€

Top 3 result in 2018

Project B - 500€
Project C - 400€
Project A - 300€




You would need a helper column at D2 with formula:


copied down

then top 3 would use Array* formula in say F2:


copied down 3 rows.


Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by NBVC.


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