How to Hide / Unhide Specific Name Range using VBA

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How to Hide / Unhide Specific Name Range using VBA




The user has the below VBA works properly to hide/unhide rows 2:4

Sub Trial1()
If Rows("2:4").Hidden = True Then
Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = False
Selection.EntireRow.Hidden = True
End If
Application.GoTo Range("A1"), True
End Sub

Supposedly the user named rows 2:4 to some Range Name, say Range Name “Magdoulin”
How could the user rewrite the code to hide/unhide this particular range name in this case?

The user intends to build a sheet which would have very dynamic rows interred from time to time and writing the code depending on numbering the rows themselves would be a disaster in this case.






Sub Trial2()
' Toggle to Hide / Unhide Range("Magdoulin")
With Rows(Range("Magdoulin").Address)
  .EntireRow.Hidden = Not .EntireRow.Hidden
End With
Application.GoTo Range("A1"), True
End Sub

Hope this will help


Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by Carim.


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