How to Hide/Unhide Rows

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How to Hide/Unhide Rows




In cell A1 to A20 I have a drop down list menu with 2 options: "ciao" and "bye"


The user is trying to hide a row (1 to 20 in this case), when in cell A1 to A20 there is the word "ciao".


The user also need that the same row is unhide (so displayed) when there is a word different from "ciao".

The user needs to run this MACRO continuosly and not by clicking "run".




Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
Dim r As Range
For Each r In Range("A1:A20")
    r.EntireRow.Hidden = r.Value = "ciao"
End Sub


Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution provided by nilem.


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