Excel: Increment by Row When Copying Across Columns

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Excel: Increment by Row When Copying Across Columns


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Excel Uses for the INDIRECT and ADDRESS Functions or Formulas

To increment a formula reference by rows, when copying across columns you need a combination of the INDIRECT and ADDRESS Function. For example, place this formula in any row in Column "D".


Now copy it across any amount of Columns. You will note that at each Column the row number increases by 1. In affect it will look like:

=SUM($A$1:$A$2) at Column D 
=SUM($A$1:$A$3) at Column E 
=SUM($A$1:$A$4) at Column F 
=SUM($A$1:$A$5) at Column G 

The Syntax for the ADDRESS Function is 


The last 3 arguments (abs_num,a1,sheet_text) are all optional. If your range resides on another sheet, it is the sheet_text that you need, eg

=SUM(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1,,,"Sheet 2")&":"&ADDRESS(COLUMN()-2,1)))

Note that the Sheet name is supplied to the first ADDRESS function only


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