Debug, Evaluate/Audit & Fix Excel Formula Errors

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Debug, Evaluate/Audit & Fix Excel Formula Errors


#NULL!, #DIV/0!, #VALUE!,#REF!,#NAME?, #NUM! and #N/A

How to determine which cells or functions are causing the error. In other words, debug formulas.

Some Excel features to keep in mind when debugging formulae are;

1) GoTo Error Cells. F5 and then click Special, or Edit>Go to..

2) Formula Auditing. View>Toolbars - Formula Auditing.

3) Excel 2002 or higher. From the Formula Auditing toolbar. 

The Excel help is quite complete in detailing the above features so I will show you a fast way to debug formulae.

1) Select you formula cell and then click the VERY 1st Function name immediately after the = sign in the Formula bar.

2) Now click the Fx symbol left of the Formula bar, or go Insert>Function.

3) This will show each step/argument of the particular formula, so look for the error value. NOTE: the very bottom value is the nested formula result, while the left and below the last argument box is the value returned from that particular formula ONLY.

4) From the formula bar, select the next function in the nested formula and repeat step 3.


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