How to Lookup between a starting word and finishing word

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How to Lookup between a starting word and finishing word


If you have a list of 890 rows that have a starting file name and ending filing name for example, a library indexing system. If you are looking for a formula (no VBA/macros) that if you type in a subject that falls between the starting word and ending word it returns the location of the searched file.


The example below is a small 'snip' of the whole table that goes from row 5 through row 898. The formula would be placed in the middle column where the  cell content is red text is 10AD5.

Searched Name: Piano Manufacturing  
Crate: 10AD5  
Start File End File Crate
Philippine Islands, Int. Trbls. Physiology, Research 10AD4
Piano Exchange Poland, Warsaw, Monuments & Memorials 10AD5
Poland, Warsaw, Penal Institutions Powers 10AD6


Add a helper column in D with formula in D5: =(A5>=$B$1)&(B5>=$B$1) copied down (assumes your input is in B1) ... note: you can hide this column
Then in B2 use formula: =INDEX($C$5:$C$7,MATCH("*TRUE*",$D$5:$D$898,0)) adjusting ranges to suit.


Ather way without helper column would be...



Obtained from the OzGrid Help Forum.

Solution posted by NBVC.


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