Financial Formulae reference sheet

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Financial formulae reference sheet


Calculates depreciation based on the fixed-declining balance method


Calculates depreciation based on the double-declining balance method


Calculates the future value of an investment with constant periodic payments and a constant interest rate


– the interest rate on a fully invested security


This formula returns the interest payments on a debt security


This formula calculates the internal rate of return (discount rate that sets the NPV to zero)


calculates the net present value of cash flows based on a discount rate

PV = Present Value

F = Future payment (cash flow)

i = Discount rate (or interest rate)

n = the number of periods in the future the cash flow is





This function returns the total payment (debt and interest) on a debt security


Calculates the price per $100 face value of a periodic coupon bond


Calculates the present value of an investment


Calculates depreciation based on the straight-line method



Calculates the internal rate of return (discount rate that sets the NPV to zero) with specified dates


Calculates the NPV of cash flows based on a discount rate and specific dates


Returns the yield of a security based on maturity, face value, and interest rate


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