Excel AutoFilters Custom Option

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Excel AutoFilters Custom Option


Using Custom AutoFilter to filter items in a list by more than one condition

Excel AutoFilter Custom Option

As you know, Excel's AutoFilter allows a user to filter items in a list according to a set criteria one column at a time.  AutoFilter has an option named Custom, which will allow a user to filter items by more than one condition on the same column. 

Data Table with AutoFilters

If you select Custom from the AutoFilter drop down list, you will be presented with a dialog box.  The dialog box is broken into four parts.  Let's say we want to show records for people who have birthdays after 1 January 1965 and before 31 December 1976.  To do this, we would make the following selections from the Custom dialog box and click OK:

AutoFilters Custom

This will display only people whose birthdays fall between 1 January 1965 and 31 December 1976.

Custom Views

You can save your newly filtered list as a Custom View, so that at any time you can easily return to it, filters already in place.  To do this go to View>Custom Views and click the Add button.  Give your view a name and make sure you have a tick next to Hidden rows, columns and filter settings.  This is a must to retain all the settings.  Click OK.

You can then call up your filtered list as a Custom View by going to View>Custom Views, clicking on the name of your view and selecting the Show button.


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