Count Lines in a Cell

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Count Lines in a Cell


Count Lines in a Range of Excel Worksheet Cells

Count Lines in a Cell or Range of Cell


To count the number of lines in any cell with Wrap Text on, use


Keep in kind that the formula above WILL return 1 for an empty cell, due to +1. Overcome that problem by use of this function;


The +(LEN(A1)>1) will either return TRUE (1) or FALSE (0).

f more than a single cell, you can repeat the formula for each cell in the range and SUM the results (My preference). Or use a single cell and nest the formula above with a 
SUM. E.g

=SUM(LEN(A1)-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A1,CHAR(10),""))+(LEN(A1)>1),LEN(TRIM(A2))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A2)," ",""))+(LEN(A2)>1)...etc)


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Count Lines in a Cell


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