Count of Each Item in a List

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Count of Each Item in a List


Single Column List, Count of Data & Create Unique List

Count of Each Item in a List/Single Column


With the aid of Advanced Filter and the COUNTIF we can get a count of each item that appears in a list. Let's say the list currently resides in A1:A100, with A1 being a heading and many items appearing more than once. We first need to create ourselves a list which has only one occurrence of each item.

Create a Unique Item List

1) Select A1:A100 and then go to Data>Filter>Advanced Filter

2) Ensure "Action" is set to Copy list to another location

3) "List Range" is $A$1:$A$100 and "Criteria Range" is blank.

4) "Copy to" is $F$1 (or any single cell in row 1).

5) Check the "Unique  records only" checkbox and then click "Ok".

Now, Starting from F1 (or the cell you chose), you have a list containing only one occurrence of each item in the list.

Enter the COUNTIF Formula

Now we have the unique list, we can now count how many times each item appears in our original list in A1:A100. So in F2 (F1 is a heading and can read "Count") enter the COUNTIF Formula as shown below


Now click the Fill Handle of F2 while it's selected, or copy down manually. Note the use of the absolute range $A$2:$A$100 and the absolute column and relative row of $F2.


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