Copy, Cut & Paste Special in Excel

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Copy, Cut & Paste Special in Excel


Copy Method Example
Sheet1.Range("A1").Copy Destination:=Sheet2.Range("F2") 
Cut Method Example
Sheet1.Range("A1").Cut Destination:=Sheet2.Range("F2")
Copy & PasteSpecial Method
expression.PasteSpecial(Paste, Operation (optional), SkipBlanks (optional TRUE/FALSE), Transpose (optional TRUE/FALSE)
Paste Can be;
xlPasteAll (default), xlPasteAllExceptBorders, xlPasteColumnWidths, xlPasteComments, xlPasteFormats, xlPasteFormulas, xlPasteFormulasAndNumberFormats, xlPasteValidation, xlPasteValues, xlPasteValuesAndNumberFormats 
Operation (optional) Can be;
xlPasteSpecialOperationAdd, xlPasteSpecialOperationDivide, xlPasteSpecialOperationMultiply, xlPasteSpecialOperationNone (default), xlPasteSpecialOperationSubtract
Sheet2.Range("F2").PasteSpecial Paste:= xlPasteValues, _
Application.CutCopyMode=False'Clears clipboard.

Copy Formula Only Example
Sheet1.Range("A1").Formula= Sheet2.Range("F2").Formula


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